Logo Design Process

Mike’s Suggestions Towards

Logo Design parameter

  1. Horizontal perspective
  2. Includes Brand Name as a Text
  3. One on two colors, Words stand out
  4. Do not include TLD in text
  5. Vast majority include an image or icon
  6. Image may be integrated into the text.
  7. Image is to the left of or above the text
  8. Text Uses Sans Serif, not Serif font

Before Designing

  1. Get definition of words for logo
  2. Build a list of keywords or phrases.
  3. Identify words that match the highest and best use case
  4. Play with the design

Build a Logo with Snapba

  1. 360X200 pixels wide x all
  2. Place Word
  3. If two words, consider Pallete
  4. Search for simple Icon to place
  5. Output with a transparent background
  6. Clean up with Preview, Seashore or your favorite graphics program.


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